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Five Songs to Enjoy

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I just got back from a short trip to Wisconsin. We stayed in lovely Eau Claire. It wonderfully consisted of waking up every day, having cozy coffee drinks, hiking in beautiful places, eating lunch, walking more, taking scenic drives listening to good music, checking out local nooks 'n crannies, eating dinner, then settling down in our Airbnb to a movie (btw have you seen silly movie I Love You, Man? It's good.). 

I flipped out at one point on our trip actually, because:

I DID NOT KNOW RECLINING MOVIE THEATRE SEATS EXISTED. My mind was truly blown. My eye first caught site of the big, new, cushy looking seats. But then I sat down and saw a button on the seat, and when I pressed it -- COME. TO. PAPA. I have never been that absolutely comfortable in a public place, or at all, besides our Tempurpedic bed. Can you understand this level of enthusiasm? Oh my. 

Now that I've got that out of my system, I wanted to share with you some songs that were listened to in the the car, amidst Wisconsin scenery. Lovely listening in general, but great for driving too. It consists of mostly two bands, with Bon Iver to top it off, since it's a pretty song by him, and also fitting as he is from and still lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Here is the Spotify playlist, and i'll list the song below as well should you not have Spotify (this link isn't working for me -- so try searching spotify with the keyword "5 songs to enjoy"):


Earthquake by This is the Kit

Little Lover by The Barr Brothers

See Here by This is the Kit

Come in the Water by The Barr Brothers

For Emma by Bon Iver

It was such a lovely little trip, and made me want to design a petite Eau Claire/Wisconsin necklace for lovers of this magical Midwestern realm.

If you visit the Eau Claire area, below are just a few awesome things to check out:

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a cozy Autumn evening!

♥ Melinda

Behind the scenes, Inside the Head & Heart

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Key Ring by Good Looking Objects.jpg

I’m glancing at the ring on my finger which I just made. It’s my Tiny Key Necklace in ring form. It’s so lovely and i’m proud of it. I’m ultimately not ashamed to admit that i’m nowhere near very good at metalsmith-ing. I try to avoid it if I can, but as a jeweler it must be done in order to bring certain pieces into existence. I’d rather not mess with fire and chemicals. Well I guess fire can be a bit fun (what a thing to say amidst the wildfire tragedies), like amidst a campfire, crisp air and loved ones. Ah.… 

Making this ring reminds me of how much more freedom and control I wish to have over my little universe of Good Looking Objects. I have so many ideas, so many little smart and magical actions i’d like to take, but at this stage in my business, there is only so much I can financially afford to do. It’s frankly annoying, because I kind of have to force myself to “stay put”. I need to reserve what money I have for absolute necessities like re-orders of current designs, my shipping boxes, etc. 

But fantasy is fun, and important; where i’d like to be is in a new phase of my phone buzzing every other hour notifying me of a new order. My jewelry on more creative, kind-hearted people. My jewelry boxes being opened for many lucky recipients of magical presents. I want to enter a stage of total flourish where I can then have the financial freedom to be:

-stocked up on everything so I’m not having to re-order small bits at a time of everything.

-unhindered with putting new designs into action, as well as new ideas in all areas of my business.

-giving back in ways that are meaningful to me.

-investing in useful tools and equipment

-income for my personal use too, like for our own home or a larger rental where I can have a bigger work space. For going off on adventures both big and small now and then, without that feeling of financial constriction that most of us are familiar with! 

That sorta thing. Nothing too grandeur. Experiences are more exciting to me than things. And the things that are required (you know, a treasured thrift store floral fairy dress, a small pressed glass tea cup which is never actually used for drinking tea, vegetables and apple pie and tea, a baby donkey figurine...) aren't that hard to come by.

You may wonder what actions a jewelry brand owner takes to get themselves to grow! While sure, it simply takes time in general, it takes a lot of effort. I post and connect on Instagram as you probably know, contact writers of magazines and online outlets, collaborate with creative spirits, as well as connecting with those few people who actively help guide and support me on this business and personal journey. And of course I pass out my business cards (even to my gynecologist, hahahahaha......). 

Magical Ring Green Glass Goblet.png

So yeah, guys. I just felt a desire to connect more personally with those who follow GLO. Meaning, connection and candid-ness has always been very important to me. I need doses of real-ness. 

Pssssst: Is this blog post cohesive enough?


Is it okay that it took me like 3 tries to get that Magical ring, above, to solder?

Did I yoga enough yesterday?

It's a slightly separate thought yet fairly on topic: how about we normalize the appreciation and admiration for attempts, for trials and errors? I think we'd walk around feeling a lot less angsty. 

Be proud of yourself for all the trying you've done in your life thus far. 


Thank you for your support of me and Good Looking Objects in all ways, and I hope you have a very sweet day!


♥ Melinda


Slipping Autumn On Your Ears...

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Large Oak Earrings Autumnal Shoot Small.png

Hello lovely humans. Perhaps it's still quite warm where you are, or perhaps it's blustery, but mid-September is here and we're seeing both some nature signs of Autumn, as well as imagery, outfits, recipes and the like from friends and media. I love it all, I must say...

I realize not everyone fawns over autumn as much as myself and others, but seriously -- as magical as Spring is, I feel as though there is an special, extra-charged enthusiasm for this season. It's just so satisfying, magical and cozy

Branch Earrings Autumn Shoot Small.png

And would you not agree that if Good Looking Objects were a season, it would be Autumn? The fact that they are all offered in this lovely, high quality and generous layer of gold plating makes the point even stronger, as they are reminiscent of the color of the turning leaves. 

In the shop currently you'll find Oak, Maple, Heliotrope. The Large Oak Leaf Earrings are my oldest best seller - it is often relayed to my by customers that it is their most often worn pair of earrings, and that they get many compliments on them. I love that they are the perfect type of "large" -- not ginormous, but quite noticeable and striking, with such detail and that lovely golden gleam. 

Fern Earrings Autumnal Shoot Small.png

Then we also have the Branch Earrings up above. The amazingly talented Jessica Roux (from whom I commissioned the illustration on my home page) said they remind her of the suit of wands in tarot, which are fire signs, along with her astrological sign. 

I'm just here, enjoying the blowing in of Autumn. Well not just that, being a human being involves a lot more of course. And speaking of being human, a quote I came across today:

"The trees are about to show us

how lovely it is to

let things go."


Well wishes to you all for letting the unhelpful fall away, for coziness, favorite sweater and crisp breezes.


♡ Melinda

Baby Photos of Fashion Bloggers. You're Welcome.

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Hey folks! I won't be talking a whole lot -- this post is about the photos! Thanks so much to these sweet beings for being as tickled as I was at the idea of this post! If any photos are too small, right click to open photo in a new tab or window and you'll see them larger. Note that you can visit these stupendous ladies' websites by clicking the bolded title of their blogs, as I introduce them:

1. Klara of A Robot Heart

It all started (the idea for this post) with this photo on the left. I'm just obsessed with it. It's friggin' adorable. Klara and loaf of bread = magic. The first of a few more curly ladies below...

 Photo by S.O. Professional Fotografie Leipzig

Photo by S.O. Professional Fotografie Leipzig

Can I just be linguistically cliche and say "I CAN'T EVEN"? Look at that pose below on the left! And those luxurious blonde curls! The funny thing is that I could easily be talking about the above photo as well, haha...

Oh my gosh I wanna squeeze her. Look at this cute little parcel! Another curly one.

4. Mackenzie of Kenzy Who

Alright, we appear to be in a more straight-hair section of the blog post now. Doesn't Mackenzie look kinda the same? So sweet <3 Random fact -- it occurs to me that she is also one of a few ladies in this post that play video games. Below left she is with her little sister who she says takes most of her blog photos - what a sweet sister!

In <3 with this softball photo -- she looks like she's in the prime of her career, the star player, every team wants her. And that little floral track suit -- too much!


6. Jennif Hsieh of

I'm a sucker for a good bob cut <3 As well as little children in puffy clothing! Puff it all up for ultimate cuteness, please and thank you. Speaking of hair, my hair is probably closest to Jennif's and these photos are making me proud of that (as much as I fawn over curls, and other fun hair colors)!

7. Me, Melinda of Good Looking Objects

To say that I was a character would maybe be an understatement. And still is..haha. Also, It amazes me that I have almost-black hair as an adult -- look how light my hair is on the left! AND,  I still really wish I was a princess, my own kinda princess.

I so hope you've enjoyed this <3 Would you like more installments of this baby photos theme? More posts from my random and curious mind? Comment below and make it known! Don't say I didn't warn you though. Also be sure to see the jewelry that is born from my mind and available for you to adorn yourself: the jewels.

And to be notified of more blog posts, subscribe to my newsletter on the main page if you haven't already!

Have a glorious day!

(And don't forget to be kind to yourself. We're all pretty much little children inside.)