I asked Ellen Tyn aka @lisken_dol a Bunch of Questions...

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”    -Voltaire

Hello there, so pleased to have you here -- are you cozy? 

So. Instagram! I have been on Instagram for some years now but only started being active on my jewelry business account within this past year. Because of the heightened "dedication" I have to that account as opposed to my personal one (which has pretty much gone by the wayside) I have been exposed to so many new people, furry animals and beautiful creations. I truly appreciate the sweet connections i've formed with fellow instagram-ers.

Let's get to talking about the lovely Ellen Tyn -- I came across her on Instagram and was floored by the never-ending beauty of her images and creations. It seems she is immersed and occupied with nature, the outdoors, baking and crafting of all kinds a predominant amount of the time. Honestly, when I take in the beautiful picture her instagram feed paints -- I feel longing in my heart. I'm not pleased with the time I spend looking into a screen, indoors -- it's not how I would like to look back on my life, nor how I want to live it presently. A sincere goal of mine is to make nature a larger part of my life. This added to my interest in interviewing Ellen, as I like to learn more about the people who inspire me! All I knew of Ellen was from her Instagram and Etsy shop, Foxy Chest (her Etsy store is a whole 'nother story. Magicalness.) She was so gracious and willing to answer my questions (thank you dearly, Ellen)! Ellen is from Russia and English is not her primary language. Her English is nearly perfect anyway, which is more than I can say of the two or so words of Russian that I know! OK, here we go ➳

Here's Ellen and some of her many woodland creations... (All photos in this post are by/belong to Ellen.)

Here's Ellen and some of her many woodland creations... (All photos in this post are by/belong to Ellen.)

Hello Ellen! I'm so delighted to ask you a bunch of questions. Thank you for letting me! Let's dive right in. What does your Instagram handle liskin_dol mean?

Hello! I'm very glad to answer your questions. It's my first interview and i'm excited! Let's start. liskin_dol means «Valley of the Fox» in Russian. I love to call my favorite nature places, my home this name.

What are some of your favorite animals, flowers and trees?

I love FOXES! You may noticed it :) Actually, I love animals and plants very much, so I can't choose one favorite. My favorite tree, I think, is pine-tree. We have wonderful pine woods here, they have fabulous smell. 

Are the outdoor locations where you take pictures in the same neighborhood usually? Or are the locations spread over a vast area?

Most of my photos are taken not far from my house. About 15-20 km through the woods and fields by bike. But I love to explore new places, sometimes I find new roads with a map, take my friends or my amazing mother and we go!  There are also wonderful gardens and parks with old palaces and castles near Saint-Petersburg and we love exploring all these historical places too.

What wildlife resides in property around where you live? 

Sometimes it seems that jokes about Russians and bears are true! Imagine: I went to the forest for picking raspberries and at one moment I feel that somebody look at me. I was very afraid and run away. A big bear was in the raspberry bushes. Wild deers aren’t rarity in our woods. Actually, little deers have terrible voices! And wild pigs are very dangerous too. Sometimes real wildlife starts, I think, when we haven’t electricity for a long time after big storms. And I love it.

It appears that you love to bake! Do you have a favorite source for the recipes you use? Are some of the recipes long-time favorites? They look delightful!

Mother and her cookbooks are my favorite sources. Also I find many nice dishes on Tumblr. And I begin to invent my own recipes. Experiments are the best! My long favorite desserts are cheesecake, waffles and crumbles. I can cook them everyday. My family, friends and I will not tire of them. 

I saw a post where you talked of poppies: 

"I love poppies because of childhood memories. When I was little girl, my grandfather wake me up every summer morning and asked: "Guess, how many poppies are bloomed?" And I woke up and run to the garden and count red flowers."

 I have a soft spot for grandpas -- could you tell me a little more about him? Anything you wish.

My grandfather was like a child all his life. In the good way. He always wondered something new, joked all the time, invented stories and games. He loved to travel and explore new places. We often went to the woods together, built hut of branches, he made dolls of nature materials for me… It was pretty time. He spoiled and teased me, but it was funny. 

When did you learn to do cross stitch? 

Again and again, my mother teaches me. She is very talented woman, I want to be like her. I think that she can everything. Actually, she doesn’t love cross stitching, despite of she is master of this kind of needlework too.

All of your creations are full of such magic and coziness - I want them all! Do you have a favorite at the moment?

Hmm… I like to make organizers for forest findings more than other. And I find embroidered purses with clasps very cute And… Fairy Houses. Oh, I can’t choose, I love all my creations and processes of making them always delight me. It’s too hard to part with them every time.

Your images and creations are a great reminder of the wonderful, simple pleasures of the outdoors. I want to be outside more! Are there some things you would like to incorporate into your life that you care to share?

I think, that I don’t need something else. But… I want to meet many nice friends which will be like me. And my dream is to travel around the world. I will be absolutely happy. 

Do you have any nicknames?

Some people call me Fairy. It’s a great pleasure for me! 

Can you name 10 things (personal qualities, experiences or physical things, etc..) that delight you?

Very hard question! Everything delights me! I’ll try.

1. Smells

2. Roads

3. Sunrises

4. Excitement

5. Breakfasts

6. Old newspapers and magazines

7. Analog photos

8. Postcards

9. Touchings

10. Cold Air

Is there a place you would love to travel to?

As I’ve said, I want to travel all around the world. At first I would like to visit Iceland. And Liechtenstein. And Arctic. 

Can you name some musicians that you love listening to?

I listen old music – The Beatles, Simon&Garfunkel, The Kinks and other and other. I also love instrumental music by Greg Joy or David Russel.

How about some of your favorites films?

My favorite film for this summer is «Picnic at Hanging rock». I admire «The Lake House», «Far from the Madding Crowd».  I love historical films and fairytales.

If you were a professional dancer, what would be you favorite dance form?

I can say that I’m almost a professional dancer – Irish dance is my favorite.

What are some names that you love? (Like names for people).

Can’t choose. All names are amazing for me.

Do you have any questions for me? I grant you full permission to ask me something very silly, if that is your cup of tea...  

Okay, what do you love more – evenings or mornings?

I am a total morning lover. I love the light, and the sense of possibility. 

Is there anything you would like to share that I haven't asked you? Don't be shy ;-)

I just want to wish everybody inspiration. Always look around you and find little pretty things everywhere. 

Three things I could use right now:  A Moon Unicorn Journal , Autumn, and whatever one calls this amazingness on the right.

Three things I could use right now: A Moon Unicorn Journal, Autumn, and whatever one calls this amazingness on the right.

It was such a pleasure to learn more about Ellen. I'm so grateful to all of the lovely people that I connect with in Instagram -- isn't it lovely that we form these little connections via the images and their captions, with people we otherwise would likely not know of? It's wonderful.

I thank you for exploring this very first blog post of mine. Hope you all have the loveliest of days.

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