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I’m glancing at the ring on my finger which I just made. It’s my Tiny Key Necklace in ring form. It’s so lovely and i’m proud of it. I’m ultimately not ashamed to admit that i’m nowhere near very good at metalsmith-ing. I try to avoid it if I can, but as a jeweler it must be done in order to bring certain pieces into existence. I’d rather not mess with fire and chemicals. Well I guess fire can be a bit fun (what a thing to say amidst the wildfire tragedies), like amidst a campfire, crisp air and loved ones. Ah.… 

Making this ring reminds me of how much more freedom and control I wish to have over my little universe of Good Looking Objects. I have so many ideas, so many little smart and magical actions i’d like to take, but at this stage in my business, there is only so much I can financially afford to do. It’s frankly annoying, because I kind of have to force myself to “stay put”. I need to reserve what money I have for absolute necessities like re-orders of current designs, my shipping boxes, etc. 

But fantasy is fun, and important; where i’d like to be is in a new phase of my phone buzzing every other hour notifying me of a new order. My jewelry on more creative, kind-hearted people. My jewelry boxes being opened for many lucky recipients of magical presents. I want to enter a stage of total flourish where I can then have the financial freedom to be:

-stocked up on everything so I’m not having to re-order small bits at a time of everything.

-unhindered with putting new designs into action, as well as new ideas in all areas of my business.

-giving back in ways that are meaningful to me.

-investing in useful tools and equipment

-income for my personal use too, like for our own home or a larger rental where I can have a bigger work space. For going off on adventures both big and small now and then, without that feeling of financial constriction that most of us are familiar with! 

That sorta thing. Nothing too grandeur. Experiences are more exciting to me than things. And the things that are required (you know, a treasured thrift store floral fairy dress, a small pressed glass tea cup which is never actually used for drinking tea, vegetables and apple pie and tea, a baby donkey figurine...) aren't that hard to come by.

You may wonder what actions a jewelry brand owner takes to get themselves to grow! While sure, it simply takes time in general, it takes a lot of effort. I post and connect on Instagram as you probably know, contact writers of magazines and online outlets, collaborate with creative spirits, as well as connecting with those few people who actively help guide and support me on this business and personal journey. And of course I pass out my business cards (even to my gynecologist, hahahahaha......). 

Magical Ring Green Glass Goblet.png

So yeah, guys. I just felt a desire to connect more personally with those who follow GLO. Meaning, connection and candid-ness has always been very important to me. I need doses of real-ness. 

Pssssst: Is this blog post cohesive enough?


Is it okay that it took me like 3 tries to get that Magical ring, above, to solder?

Did I yoga enough yesterday?

It's a slightly separate thought yet fairly on topic: how about we normalize the appreciation and admiration for attempts, for trials and errors? I think we'd walk around feeling a lot less angsty. 

Be proud of yourself for all the trying you've done in your life thus far. 


Thank you for your support of me and Good Looking Objects in all ways, and I hope you have a very sweet day!


♥ Melinda


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