Five Songs to Enjoy


I just got back from a short trip to Wisconsin. We stayed in lovely Eau Claire. It wonderfully consisted of waking up every day, having cozy coffee drinks, hiking in beautiful places, eating lunch, walking more, taking scenic drives listening to good music, checking out local nooks 'n crannies, eating dinner, then settling down in our Airbnb to a movie (btw have you seen silly movie I Love You, Man? It's good.). 

I flipped out at one point on our trip actually, because:

I DID NOT KNOW RECLINING MOVIE THEATRE SEATS EXISTED. My mind was truly blown. My eye first caught site of the big, new, cushy looking seats. But then I sat down and saw a button on the seat, and when I pressed it -- COME. TO. PAPA. I have never been that absolutely comfortable in a public place, or at all, besides our Tempurpedic bed. Can you understand this level of enthusiasm? Oh my. 

Now that I've got that out of my system, I wanted to share with you some songs that were listened to in the the car, amidst Wisconsin scenery. Lovely listening in general, but great for driving too. It consists of mostly two bands, with Bon Iver to top it off, since it's a pretty song by him, and also fitting as he is from and still lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Here is the Spotify playlist, and i'll list the song below as well should you not have Spotify (this link isn't working for me -- so try searching spotify with the keyword "5 songs to enjoy"):


Earthquake by This is the Kit

Little Lover by The Barr Brothers

See Here by This is the Kit

Come in the Water by The Barr Brothers

For Emma by Bon Iver

It was such a lovely little trip, and made me want to design a petite Eau Claire/Wisconsin necklace for lovers of this magical Midwestern realm.

If you visit the Eau Claire area, below are just a few awesome things to check out:

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a cozy Autumn evening!

♥ Melinda

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