Slipping Autumn On Your Ears...

Large Oak Earrings Autumnal Shoot Small.png

Hello lovely humans. Perhaps it's still quite warm where you are, or perhaps it's blustery, but mid-September is here and we're seeing both some nature signs of Autumn, as well as imagery, outfits, recipes and the like from friends and media. I love it all, I must say...

I realize not everyone fawns over autumn as much as myself and others, but seriously -- as magical as Spring is, I feel as though there is an special, extra-charged enthusiasm for this season. It's just so satisfying, magical and cozy

Branch Earrings Autumn Shoot Small.png

And would you not agree that if Good Looking Objects were a season, it would be Autumn? The fact that they are all offered in this lovely, high quality and generous layer of gold plating makes the point even stronger, as they are reminiscent of the color of the turning leaves. 

In the shop currently you'll find Oak, Maple, Heliotrope. The Large Oak Leaf Earrings are my oldest best seller - it is often relayed to my by customers that it is their most often worn pair of earrings, and that they get many compliments on them. I love that they are the perfect type of "large" -- not ginormous, but quite noticeable and striking, with such detail and that lovely golden gleam. 

Fern Earrings Autumnal Shoot Small.png

Then we also have the Branch Earrings up above. The amazingly talented Jessica Roux (from whom I commissioned the illustration on my home page) said they remind her of the suit of wands in tarot, which are fire signs, along with her astrological sign. 

I'm just here, enjoying the blowing in of Autumn. Well not just that, being a human being involves a lot more of course. And speaking of being human, a quote I came across today:

"The trees are about to show us

how lovely it is to

let things go."


Well wishes to you all for letting the unhelpful fall away, for coziness, favorite sweater and crisp breezes.


♡ Melinda

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