Good Looking Objects

Jewelry for imaginative women

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Good Looking Objects is a cozy nook to find imaginative jewelry that thoroughly delights you.

After you've gotten dressed and then ritualistically put on your jewels; these magical pieces are meant for that satisfying moment.

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How It's Made

 Cast: From my (often romantic) imaginings and then my sketches, these pieces are translated into either 3D models or hand carved out of wax by myself.  After a wax model is made, I then have them cast sterling and bronze here in California. 

Vintage: Many of my designs feature vintage components; newly manufactured and U.S. made, they’re created using vintage tooling from the jewelry days of old. These             carefully chosen little relics arrive to me as raw brass and are then manipulated by me by drilling, forming and filing. I then send them off to be coated in gold electroplate. Arriving   back in my arms, they are ready to be combined with the gold fill components which so beautifully complete them.


Quality and effective design is very important to me. Materials I use include gold fill, sterling silver, stainless steel, stones and hardwood, as well as high quality, professional platings of gold and silver. The findings I use (jump rings, ear wires and clasps) are always petite, so as not to distract from the design (have you ever received a necklace with an unnecessarily ginormous jump ring? It's the little details.)

About me

Hello by the way! My name is Melinda Ryan, the magic behind Good Looking Objects.

Why jewelry: I've always loved design of all kinds — fashion, interior, graphic and jewelry.  In 2012 I began channeling my love of design into Good Looking Objects, creating jewelry that delights romantic, imaginative ladies with a love for magic, nature, animals, mystery and all-around loveliness.

More about me: Things that are important to me are: integrity. humor. beauty. magic. kindness. animal friends. creativity. freedom. friends and family. good communication. grace. nature. adventures. camping. music. design. conversations with children. conversations with adults. burying my face into my cat's soft furry tummy. spur-of-the-moment happenings. honesty. random acts of kindness. connecting through creativity. If I were to describe myself in 3 fictional characters I would go with Anne Shirley, Jessica Day, and Larry David. Pippi, Eloise and Phoebe Buffay should probably be thrown in there as well. 

Below, my kindergarten yearbook photo, where they also asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.