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Melinda, owner.

I make everything here :-)

My personality is roughly like Anne Shirley, Jessica Day, Larry David & Phoebe Buffay rolled into one. You know me better now. Hi!

I’ve always loved design; fashion, interior, graphic & product. In 2012 I began channeling my design love into Good Looking Objects, designing super dreamy jewelry that i’d love to wear, and hope you will too.

As a business owner, these things are important to me: integrity. beauty. magic. kindness. humor. creativity. freedom. good communication. grace. nature. honesty. connecting through creativity.

I appreciate you being here, and hope you find something beautiful & interesting for yourself or a loved one.


How it’s made:

Cast Pieces: It's a very exciting process to produce components from my imagination and see them come to life! From my daydreams and then to my sketches, these pieces are translated into either 3D models or hand carved out of jewelers wax by myself. The wax is then cast in sterling and bronze.

Vintage Pieces: Many of my designs feature vintage components; newly manufactured and U.S. made, they’re created using vintage tooling. These little relics arrive to me as raw brass and are then drilled, formed or filed before being sent off for gold electroplating. Then they're ready to be combined with the gold fill components which so beautifully complete them.

Quality is important to me. The materials I use include gold fill, bronze, sterling silver, stones & top quality gold plating. All pieces are made by myself and double-checked for quality before I package them up up for you all nice.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


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