Oceanic Necklace - double sided necklace!

Oceanic Necklace - double sided necklace!


For some ocean energy, I created the lovely two sided Oceanic Necklace. (Also, I can’t stop saying the word “oceanic” whenever I have an excuse to. Makes me feel like Anne Shirley, all romantic over a word, haha!)

In the center of each side is an impression on wax I made from an antique wax seal of a rose, which I then carved the around it; the rose is surrounded by the radiating sun on one side, and on the other, cradled amongst the moon and shining stars.

Hope you love these two-in-one necklaces - I had so much fun carving them!

Available in 100% Sterling Silver, or Brass pendant on Gold Fill chain.

Hangs on your choice of a 18" or 23" chain with a lobster clasp closure. 

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