Remember Bracelet

Remember Bracelet


This piece is one of the more meaningful ones, to me. I remember painting a big wood sign that said REMEMBER, many years ago, that lived in my wall. Why?

I feel that so much of life is remembering; remembering to appreciate the loved one next to you (whether a human or a doggie or a friend or partner). Remembering to stop an unhelpful thought pattern in it’s tracks. Remembering to appreciate all the good things you have, and all the good things you are. It’s an important verb!

While also available in a necklace, from the start I envisioned this design for a bracelet, as I think bracelets are so nice as you can look down at them so easily and use them as reminders. I actually am not a big bracelet wearer, but when I use them as reminders, that’s usually when you will find me wearing one!

100% Sterling Silver, or brass on Gold Fill Chain (if there are not many photos uploaded, please excuse me, I am in the process of getting all of the photos taken!).

Choose from bracelet sizes offered below. A great way to measure is to get a piece of string, use a necklace chain, or flexible measuring tape and measure not just your wrist, but the circumference of your wrist *plus* however much extra room you want for the bracelet. Then, if you used a string to measure, hold that string up to measuring tape to see how many inches it.

(Always feel free to e-mail me if you need a specific size that isn’t listed).

My wrists are quite small, similar to the model, and I wear this bracelet in 6.5 inches.

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