Do you love unique, noticeable jewelry that stirs up delightful feelings inspired by kitties, forests, foxes and magic?


Quality and effective design is very important to me. Materials I use include gold fill, sterling silver, stainless steel, stones and hardwood, as well as high quality, professional platings of gold and silver. The findings I use (jump rings, ear wires and clasps) are always petite, so as not to distract from the design (have you ever received a necklace with an unnecessarily ginormous jump ring? No thanks.)

How It's Made

Many of my designs feature vintage components; these are newly manufactured and U.S. made but are created using vintage tooling from the jewelry days of old. Isn't that neat? 

These awesome, carefully chosen little relics arrive to me as raw brass and are then manipulated by me by drilling, bending and filing. 

When they're all ready, I then send them off to be coated in gold electroplate.

When they arrive back at my doorstep, they are ready to be combined with the gold fill chains and clasps, becoming an official piece of magical jewelry. 


who am i?

My name is Melinda, and I love designing your next favorite piece of jewelry! I hail from Long Island, NY but have been a resident of California for over a decade now! I went to art school in Boston and dropped out after a couple of semesters (it was really just a ticket into adulthood, into another chapter of my life). I lived in Cambridge and really loved it there -- cobblestone streets sprinkled about, the super friendly squirrels of Harvard Yard, the lovely Victorian houses and the easy exploration via Boston's wonderful train system called the "T". After a couple of years I moved here to northern California to movie into....get ready for this curveball....... a Buddhist monastery. Suffice to say: there were many lovely aspects that drew me towards such a choice, but ultimately I returned to my own best judgement and inspiration as my guide. And if you met me, I think you would see that I am a bit too much of a character to be living in any monastery, period. I have an extremely active and wild imagination and since 2012 I have very much been loving channeling this into creating collections of super-satisfying, beautiful jewelry for you to fall in love with and help in your expression of yourself.

See the Jewelry...

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